Power Quality Training

We provide training on the topic of Power Quality and Energy Efficiency measurements.  We discuss topics and subjects covering areas such as harmonics and BS EN 50160 along with practical solutions including voltage optimisation and power factor correction.

Power Quality Training Course

Our courses are designed to cover the fundamentals of power quality measurement where you will gain a basic understanding of why power quality and energy efficiency is becoming more important in modern installations.  Topics include an overview of energy legislation, power quality standards and harmonics with an emphasis on What to measure, Why to measure and How to measure power quality.  We are also able to discuss the Power Quality concepts and topics now being introduced in Appendix 17 of the 18th Edition and within Part 8 as the concept of Prosumer Installations becomes more important to modern electrical installations.

Power Quality Seminars

Our seminars are held throughout the year and are held at training centres and through our network of distributors and partners.  We give an overview of what power quality is and provide practical demonstrations on how to use and setup the latest power quality analysers from Sonel.

Power Quality Webinars

Our webinars are held in conjunctions with various industry trade bodies and are available for view on demand if you are unable to attend the live events.  Our webinars contain general overviews on the concepts of power quality and power quality measurements.

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