Power Quality Clinic

The Power Quality Clinic takes you from a pre survey consultation which we provide to first evaluate your power quality requirements or problems through to review of results, preparation of report and plan to resolve your problems.  Advice includes guidance on what we recommend is monitored, where to connect and guidance of equipment selection and setup.

Upload of your own analysers data is through our Power Quality Health Check portal enabling you to engage with us via a secure online consultation room where we will review and discuss your survey and power quality results with you live through your browser.

Initial findings and advice will be covered before we prepare your unique Power Quality Health Check report for you to view and download through our portal.

As second live consultation provides us the opportunity to review with you directly our findings and to discuss the potential solutions along with advice to help resolve or mitigate the power quality problems identified.

Referrals to solution providers for Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filtering, Voltage Optimisation or alternative power quality solutions can be arranged or the onward resolution of the solution can be managed by us working with you through an individually prepared power quality treatment plan.

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