Power Quality Expert

Power Quality Expert provide a comprehensive range of power quality and harmonic surveys designed to monitor your electrical installation.  Power Quality surveys are typically made over 7 days with results and recommendations on solutions presented in clear concise reports.

Power Quality Surveys

Our surveys are conducted over a 1 week period to measure power quality parameters such as Voltage, Current, Power Factor and Harmonics.  The surveys include a report of the results and recommendations on potential remedial actions that could provide improvements to a sites electrical power quality.

Sonel Test and Measurement

Sonel are a premier manufacture of electrical test equipment.  Established in 1994, Sonel are based  in Swidnica, Poland.  They design and produce a comprehensive range of instrumentation including Multifunction Testers (Electric Vehicle EV Test and Solar PV), Thermal Imagers, Low Resistance Meters, Phase Sequence Testers, Cable and Wire Tracers, Power Quality Analysers, Clamp Meters, Multimeters, Pyrometers, Illuminance Meters, UV Corona Camera, High Current Loop Impedance Meters and High Voltage Insulation Testers


Electrex are a manufacturer of fixed power quality and energy metering solutions.  Established in 1993, Electrex is a brand of Akse based in Italy.  Their range of metering solutions include MID sub meters, power quality metering, energy and power quality management software.  They have a global install base of 425000 meters which currently serve applications in industrial, commercial, public, civil, and renewable energy allowing for a rapid return on investment within these sectors.

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